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1.  Fill out and submit the intake QUESTIONNAIRE. 

Please take your time and provide all the information requested; the more complete the input, the more robust and comprehensive the evaluation


2.  We will contact you to confirm receipt of the information and to obtain additional data ​

HIPAA release form so that we may obtain laboratory and other health information from your doctor(s) 

A copy of your medical insurance card so that we can bill the service to your plan.

Clarification of any submitted information.

3.  Schedule a 1 hour appointment with Greta to review your information.  We offer consultations via telemedicine as your safety is our greatest concern.  

In person at the pharmacy in our dedicated and private consultation room (we schedule appointments at low traffic times at the pharmacy).   

Via telemedicine 

In person, at your home or office (extra travel fee will apply)

4.  Greta reviews all the collected information and formulates a written ACTION PLAN based on your stated goals and your active issues. 

5. Schedule a 1/2 hour follow-up appointment with Greta to go over your personalized ACTION PLAN. 


6. After all identified issues have been addressed and clarified, Greta sends you the PLAN in writing.  With your permission, we also share the ACTION PLAN with your medical professionals so that everyone can coordinate for your optimal wellness.

7.  Additional appointments with Greta would be scheduled, as needed.


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