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Medical Information

Menu of Services

Please review our menu of services below. If you wish to book an appointment, click on the service type and you will be redirected to our booking page. 

Consultative Services

Blood pressure monitor selection and training of at-home measurement and tracking results

Evaluation of your travel-related health risks, administration of recommended vaccines

Review your vaccination history and recommend vaccines

Recommend appropriate type and prescribe

Full-spectrum analysis and critical review of your medications, supplements, medical history, diet and health habits to guide you to your ultimate health. Includes report for patient and physician.

Review your current health concern, recommend supplements and over-the-counter medications

Brief encounter for current health concern

Testing Services

Results in 15 minutes

Results in 2 hours

Results in 15 minutes

Results in 15 minutes

Testing for urine infection

Results in 15 minutes

Current glucose level

Average glucose level over past 3 months

Includes LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol

Please contact us for pricing for these services.

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