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Comprehensive Medication Management

  • Provided on an "as needed"​ basis or as part of an ongoing service plan (weekly, semimonthly, or monthly)

  • Includes comprehensive interview, evaluation, and recommendations 

  • Written report provided to the patient and their physicians  

  • May be provided at the pharmacy or at the patient's residence

  • Service and travel fees apply​

Most people receive medical attention, supplements and medications for various health issues from different providers and specialists. As a result they end up with fragmented care, which could potentially lead to gaps, duplications and mismatch of conditions and treatments. Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) is a unique service that provides a solution to such fragmented care. It includes a thorough full-spectrum analysis and critical review of all your medications, supplements, medical and family history, diet and health-related habits, with the purpose of meeting your overall health goals. CMM provides a roadmap for the patient, physician, pharmacist and all the providers to guide you to your ultimate health.

Comprehensive Medication Management Explained

Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)

CMM is a critical review of a patient's health and medication profile to help identify duplications, omissions, interactions, side effects and other opportunities for optimizing and improving treatments.  This comprehensive service includes an hour-long interview and a 30-minute follow up session to go over a report of findings and recommendations.

The CMM findings should be shared with the patient's prescriber(s) who can then make any necessary changes to their prescription regimen.

This type of service has been used successfully in hospital centers and teaching institutions to improve patient health and quality of life.  Our innovative program brings this valuable service to the community pharmacy setting.   


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