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Meet Calabasas' Newest Pharmacist

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Greta Goldshtein, PharmD, APh

The trajectory of a person’s life can be plotted according to their morals, ideals, and motivations. Dr. Greta Goldshtein was always concerned about a lot of different things, but her interests could be usually distilled to concerns pertaining to fairness, access, care, support, respect, and realization of potential. She first pursued Health Administration but did not think that it suited her ultimate goals and after some further thought, she finally settled on a career in pharmacy and earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from USC School of Pharmacy in 1997. And she could not be happier with her choice since it allowed her to practice her philosophy for 20 years and counting, first as a clinical inpatient pharmacist at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and then as an outpatient pharmacist at Roxbury Pharmacy in Beverly Hills.

Our Constitution promises “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”. Dr. Goldshtein believes that these are only possible with societal and personal wellbeing and health. People should enjoy access to good information and engage in meaningful partnerships with caring and knowledgeable healthcare professionals, all of whom should work together toward enabling the best wellbeing and health for every one of us. These are lofty goals, but how do they get translated into practice?

Pharmacists often serve as educators and coordinators of care, balancing the information, recommendations, and prescriptions from the patient’s multiple physicians and caregivers, screening for appropriateness of care, contraindications, interactions, and potential for side effects. We explain therapeutic goals, management decisions, and teach and encourage patients to use their medications correctly. We guide patients in selection and use of over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements. We screen patient complaints, address what we can, recommend initial remedies, and direct more serious issues to other professionals. We alert patients and physicians to serious or emerging problems and work together to fix them. Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare practitioners and continue to rank among the most trusted professionals.

Advise. Care. Trust.

After moving to Agoura Hills from Hollywood in 2016, Greta has been on a search for an opportunity to practice Pharmacy in the West San Fernando Valley. A wonderful opportunity finally materialized and Greta is just a few months from opening Courtyard Pharmacy in the Courtyard at the Commons in Calabasas. To actualize her philosophy of healthcare, Greta is building Courtyard Pharmacy to be a nexus of patient care: traditional prescription services, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements, and complementary supplies, delivery service, collaboration with healthcare providers, and provision of comprehensive medication management services, immunizations, travel health, in-pharmacy and at-home medication management services. Greta is already building relationships within the Calabasas Community and is excited to become an educator and a resource to the community to work toward achieving community and individual wellbeing and health.

You can write to Greta at

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