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5 Reasons to visit an Independent Pharmacy

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

1. Family-like Culture

This one speaks for itself. It is an independent pharmacy's goal to serve their neighborhood and build a strong foundation for a trusting relationship. This allows the staff to catch potential medication errors, prevent drug interactions and address concerns/questions in a timely manner. Before they can cause harm. By understanding community members and their needs, a trusted neighborhood pharmacy is an important force for prevention of worsening health and hospital admissions.

2. Personalized Medicine

Independent pharmacists not only educate patients on their medication but also provide services and information on immunizations, diabetes and cardiovascular condition management as well as preventative screenings. They review your medications, vitamins and remedies and are prepared to not only answer any questions you might have but also warn you about interactions or problems that you may need to watch out for. Many independent pharmacists and their staff prioritize furthering their education with training in specialty areas like Travel Health, Diabetes Education, and Pharmacogenomics and they’re ready to share this knowledge with their patients. Shop your independent pharmacy and get your questions answered by someone who wants to talk to you and is willing to help. The benefits are in the personal attention and care.

3. Shorter Wait Times

Generally, people don’t like to wait. This is where an independent pharmacy can really shine. With the help of ample staffing, open registers, organized inventory and dispensary and mobile options to refill prescriptions - independent pharmacies can have you in and out in NO TIME! Independent pharmacists know you have many options for your medication needs and they take the extra time and effort to provide a fast yet safe environment for your healthcare needs.

4. Expanded Services

Unhampered by the decisions of a huge corporation, your local Pharmacy can offer more services that are tailored to the specific needs of your community. Just think of your locally owned independent Pharmacy as a one stop shop for healthcare related items. Your local Pharmacist can be a great resource for information and products that improve your health and well being AND can order per request as necessary.

5. Support a Local Small Business

When you shop at your neighborhood pharmacy you are supporting a person or family that cares about your community. They care about your community because they live there too!  Your local Pharmacy owner chose to take the risk of opening a business to help the health of their local area.  They may have children in the local schools and chances are, they spend their money at local restaurants and businesses. More money goes back into the local economy when you support an Independent.

Build a relationship with your local independent pharmacy and discover the personalized services that you really need, at prices you can afford. The only thing you’ll be left wondering is why you didn’t make the change sooner!

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